Electrical Testing
Chartered Engineers and
Specialists in Electrical Testing
  • Electrical Inspection and Testing of Street Lighting :: We've developed our highways electrical contract business over 25 years and are at the forefront of the sector across the country.
  • Underground Cable Fault Locations :: One of our specialised skills is in tracking underground cable faults whether on a major motorway network or under a small playing field.
  • Thermographic Surveys :: Thermography is ideal for carrying out electrical safety inspections as it can locate a loose connection or a potentially overloaded component in your main electrical panel.
  • Street Lighting Survey Data Collection :: For around 25 years, we have developed engineering application software and we lead the way in internet access for inspection and testing protocol.
  • Structual Testing Street Lighting using DipstikĀ®  (TR22 Compliant) :: Our structural inspection and testing service is a 'top to toe' assessment of a column, above and below ground, to check for any risk of structural collapse.
                        Underground Cable Route Tracing and Plotting :: Our expertise and hi-tech equipment mean we can also undertaken detailed and accurate underground cable route tracing and plotting on to electronic background maps.
  • Portable Appliance (PAT) Testing :: Everyday appliances such as computers, faxes, photocopiers, lamps, fans, heaters, mobile phone chargers, kettles, toasters, fridge-freezers, hand drills and power tools need inspection and PAT testing.
  • Jointing (Live/Dead) of Street Light Columns :: Electrical Testing was awarded accreditation under the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) by Lloyds Register on behalf of the UK Distribution Network Operators (DNOs).

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Electrical Testing is a professional, highly skilled and fully qualified independent company specialising in highway electrical contracts.

Our team of chartered engineers and specialists works primarily with local authorities and major contractors across the UK on streetlight inspection and testing.

But we handle electrical inspection and testing projects of all types and sizes for a range of clients and industries

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