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Electrical Inspection & Testing of Buildings (BS7671)

We are a nationwide, independent, specialist consultancy with around 45 years experience of inspection and testing work.

Our company is a market leader and one of the largest nationwide and independent electrical inspection and test houses within the UK working with both public and private sectors.

We employ only the best staff, offering a broad range of experience and skills across industry, and we inspect and test a complete range of premises including:
Government buildings, MOD sites, petrol and oil installations, swimming pools, tower blocks, shopping malls, council assets, utility company assets, museums, public buildings, office blocks and private homes.  

Highly professional managed inspection and testing of low voltage, medium voltage and high voltage systems is incorporated into our service and expertise.

Our work promises:
Legal compliance with:
Health and Safety at Work Act
Electricity at Work Regulations
Electricity Supply Regulations

Loop testing in accordance with:
HSE Codes of Practice
IEE BS7671 Code of Practice
REC Codes of Practice

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