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Underground Cable Fault Locations

One of our specialised skills is in tracking underground cable faults whether on a major motorway network or under a small playing field.

We offer a complete service which includes:

  • taking control of electrical safety
  • pinpointing the fault
  • excavation
  • repair of the cable
  • testing of the repaired cable and return to service
  • reinstatement of the ground

One of our highly experienced chartered engineers will take overall responsibility for each fault location and we will use both bespoke test equipment and the latest hi-tech visual and acoustic test equipment available from leading manufacturers.

Cable Fault Location

This is a brief example of a fault located with a combination of techniques, namely ICE (Impulse Current) and an acoustic discharge set

Low Voltage Cable Fault

This is a street lighting cable damaged when a new cable and ducting system were installed, crushing and splitting the cable beneath


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